Milk Control Board

  • The Milk Control Board is a body corporate established under the Milk Control Act.  The Board’s general role and responsibility is to design and implement dairy policies and programs for the benefit of producers and other industry stakeholders.
  • In particular, the Board is responsible for:

– collection and purchase of producer milk;

– transport and sale of milk to distributors and processors; and

– compensate producers through a multiple component pricing system and manage production levels in conjunction with the National and Regional Marketing Agreements.

– collect and administer fees or levies required to operate the provincial milk pool, and to fund other Board program activities of benefit to the industry.

  • The Board provides leadership to the Saskatchewan dairy industry in addressing provincial, regional, national and international issues.  It also promotes the interests of Saskatchewan producers at Western Milk Pool and Canadian Milk Supply Management Committee meetings.
  • Industry stakeholders participation in policy and program consultations is facilitated primarily through semi-annual and annual producer meetings.